Find Your Life Blueprint with Christy Vollstedt in Coos Bay / North Bend

There is a time in life when a nudge can be the inspiration for forward movement. Are you ready?

Words support and place value in plans that improve the quality and satisfaction of your life. Positive language can shift everything.

Some things you may be asked are: What is working in your life? Do your words strengthen or weaken you? What needs to change? What are you waiting for?

Participation is key! As a coach, I listen and share in a safe and loving environment; that is my truth and commitment to you. I do believe that wisdom and maturity lies within each of us; a nudge can become a nugget, as an acorn becomes an oak tree!

Find Your Life Blueprint

Find Your Life Blueprint. PARTICIPATE, LISTEN, SHARE and WITNESS MATURITY. Together we will build an opportunity for you to inquire about patterns and beliefs. RE-LANGUAGE; Words are the building blocks of your life. They help define your Life Blueprint.

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The Role of a Life Coach

  • Set appropriate boundaries and policies.
  • Coach sound minded individuals.
  • Listen to every word on multiple levels.
  • Let client determine the agenda for each session.
  • Ask powerful, direct questions to deepen clients’ process.
  • Assist in setting goals, planning, and strategizing.
  • Give perspectives, suggestions, and intuitive awareness for your own solutions.

Life Coaches Shall NOT

  • Diagnose, treat or fix.
  • Give advice.
  • Take responsibility for clients’ feelings, decisions, actions or success.