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Find Your Life Blueprint with Christy Vollstedt

There is a time in life when a nudge can be the inspiration for forward movement. Are you ready?

Why Now?

Let’s face it, your life has changed.  We are all seeking connection in this world and the opportunity to do better and be different; it’s that thing that calls us intuitively that we can’t ignore.  Does your current internal narrative match the person you truly are?  I’m here to listen to the message that’s not being said and allow you to craft your true purpose.

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”

My ability to inspire others is guided by grace, fortitude and seeking the truth.  It’s not just the promises I make to you, but the commitment and accountability to yourself. My objective is to learn from our conversations in order for you to access the next chapter in your life.

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The Role of a Life Coach

  • Set appropriate boundaries and policies.
  • Coach mentally sound minded individuals. 
  • Listen to every word on multiple levels. 
  • Let the client determine the agenda for each session. 
  • Ask powerful direct questions to deepen the client process. 
  • Assist in setting goals, planning, and strategizing. 
  • Give perspectives, suggestions, intuitive awareness for your own solutions.

It’s a big deal to know you’re ready for change, some might say that’s the biggest leap you’ll take.  As you put this in motion, I will follow your lead with inquiry.  We will get curious together,  make a plan, and bring momentum to the conversation.  With my clients, I have witnessed them say things like, “I have never said this out loud before and it feels good”.  That’s because not only will I hear you, but you will hear you too; which is so powerful!

“The perspectives I have gained through working with Christy are full of wisdom, thought provoking ideas, kindness, and sense of humor.  Our professional relationship has grown deeply over the past few years.  Expect the very best–she delivers.”

Sheree B.
VP of Mortgage Lending