Mission Statement

As your coach, our co-creative process is to uncover your life blueprint. Together we will dig deep into your story with one another while we discover new patterns, ideas, and beliefs that will reshape who you are today.


Your blueprint is your story. I love working with people’s stories to hear their belief patterns and the language they have attached to those patterns. Positive language and mindset can shift everything. Most people don’t realize how much their words impact their reality. We are here to uncover what you’re really saying and to draft your new blueprint. Change your language, change your life.


Coaching is a co-creative relationship which focuses on where you are today, and where you want to be in the future. While traditional counseling focuses on your past and how it affects you today, we are going to start from where you are right now. Together we will discover new targets, incorporate levels of joy and play, roll up our sleeves and do the hard work. My promise to you is to listen deeply and ask specific questions that will guide you in fulfilling your desired endeavors.

As your coach I am looking at your life in the current time. I will hold you accountable to the work we do in session. It is intentional, I go for laser outcomes and language during our sessions. You will take the initiative, I will ask the questions, together we will come up with a plan. To give you a better idea of how I work and what you can expect, below are a couple of stories of former clients.

A client knew she needed to get more sleep but had not been able to break late night home activities. We discussed her evening hours and what she does at home after work and discovered several places in her story about how she chooses distraction over production. In order to change her patterns we created a plan to ensure she would get to bed two hours earlier. While this may seem fairly straight forward, she stayed accountable to her goal which was better sleep, which led to a more productive life. Simple steps lead to big changes.

When we utilize laser language what we are doing is harnessing your ability to scan and detect all the possible elements of your thoughts. Honing these skills will become an exercise that you can do in a matter of seconds, but it does take practice. I’d like to share with you an example of using laser language and the personal power my client experienced after implementing it into her life.

A client shares that she must speak frankly to her family knowing that for several years her aging parents and adult children had relied on her for an extreme amount of support; admittley because she let them, but something had to give. She came to me because she wanted to change her behavior and put herself first, for It caused her health to suffer and impose enormous stresses, because saying NO seemed impossible.

We had three sessions to unload the burden she had been caring for a longtime. In order for her to become more clear on what she wanted, we designed a sentence and every word crafted in her sentence had impact; no place for wiggle room to shatter what she was asking for. This sentence then became a primary tool. A few copies were made, she kept one in her purse the other in her pocket. When difficult moments arose, she would reach for the slip of paper that held impeccable commitments to herself and would read it to any family member in front of her. Reading the statement was perfect as she felt she would forget or not feel strong enough to say what she really meant during those stressful snapshots. She was changing the behavior of always saying “yes” and putting herself last to setting healthy boundaries. We met a few more times after she was able to practice this self empowerment tool and she said her family was pleased that she wanted to focus more energy on her own life. Her comment was “I had no idea how powerful the words I chose could make such a shift in my life!”

“I was taken back by how important a mission statement for my work could be until I started talking with Christy as a life coach. Her thoughtful questions and deep listening helped me find much more clarity and purpose in the work I love!”
Ruth L
Massage Therapist