This is ME, Christy…

I’ve been able to approach my whole life using the seeds of common sense and as a fire starter.

Common sense for grounding.

Firestarter to ignite.

Like you, my life has been colorful with experiences and opportunities that continue to show me my path; I recognize my life is more divine than I could have ever orchestrated.

Married my high school sweetheart.

Traveled the country as a white-minority migrant worker.

Gave birth to my two sons in the late-70’s and raised them as a single mother.

Returned to school to become financially and personally independent.

Shaped my life while following my entrepreneurial spirit with common sense and passion.

Worked in the gardening business (7 years), massage therapy (30 years) and now coaching and mediation (10 years).

The greatest and proudest piece of my journey has been blending my desires, needs, concerns, and wellbeing to match my core values while staying present to my family.

My ability to professionally inspire others is guided by grace, fortitude, and seeking the truth.

I have lived by the following quotes as they describe My Heart; My Awareness; My Ambition:

“Live simply so others may simply live” ~ Matthew Espinosa


“You can not feed the world until you feed your family” ~ Gandhi


“Walk like the Indians and leave no trail” ~ Native American


“Be Here Now” ~ Baba Ram Dass


“A Goal without a plan is just a wish” ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery