Hi, I’m Christy!

I am a life coach, massage therapist, mediator, and I’m committed to guiding people to their highest potential. I followed a path from a very young age that was often noted to be the road less traveled. Throughout my lifetime, I have learned that people need support and to be listened to. I thrive on connection and listening to people share their deepest truths and vulnerabilities.

My curious nature brought me to coaching; a determination to explore new ways and truly live a life outside the societal box of norms. For me personally, I show up each morning ready to engage in the day’s challenges, struggles, to find new truths, and feel the confidence of self trust. This often requires surrender and allowances for what is in front of me, a spiritual path not of perfection but practice!

As a business owner, I’ve always centered my business around the well being of others. The start of my career dates back to over three decades ago when I began my path to serving hundreds of clients as a successful massage therapist. Fast forward ten years later when I realized I wanted to continue to work with people but in a different way. After completing the coaching course through Coach Training Alliance, an International Coaching Federation in 2006, I stepped into the realm of personal coaching and mediation as a local mediator 18 years ago through our court system. In addition, I have worked with couples, women’s groups, virtual coaching, and one-one sessions for the last 14 years, which has led me to the place I’m at today. Here with you; listening intently to where you are and where you want to be.